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06 Dec 2018
Fractals Scaling Nonlinear Dynamics Complex Systems

Fractals and Scaling

Join Dave Feldman for his 2019 offering of Fractals and Scaling starting January 15th through March 14th - enroll now. Gain the skills to think critically about the rationale behind how fractals or scaling could be connected to with cancercities, and copper!

Nonlinear Dynamics

Join Liz Bradley for her Nonlinear Dynamics course starting January 15th through May 15th - enroll now. Learn the mathematics and computational tools that are so important in the study of chaotic systems - so you can take a critical view on research in fields such as gender sciencemodern astrodynamics, and neural networks.  Nonlinear Dynamics takes the skills you learned  in Introduction to Dynamical Systems and Chaos to the next level. 

Introduction to Complexity

Join newly minted PhD Santiago Guisasola in Introduction to Complexity. After much analysis and deliberation, we have decided to shift back to offering the course in 10 week sessions with an instructor twice a year. Join now- the course will close March 15th, 2019. Our next offering of Introduction to Complexity will be Fall 2019. We hope shifting back to the twice a year offering will improve and enrich your learning experience. 

Free Courses Supported by You!

A friendly reminder that all of the above courses are free because of donations from students like you. We are running our year-end donation drive, to support these, and other, courses and the Complexity Explorer platform. If you can please make a donation. If you donate from now through December 31st you will be entered to win:  

Donate over $101 - enter to win a Complexity Explorer t-shirt and notebook

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