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Nonlinear Dynamics Course Starts September 29

14 Aug 2014
Nonlinear Dynamics

During our Fall term, Professor Liz Bradley will offer a 10-unit course called “Nonlinear Dynamics:  Mathematical and Computational Approaches.  This course starts September 29 and runs through December 14, 2014.    This course can be taken by anyone who has taken one semester of calculus (i.e., derivatives), one semester of physics (i.e., mechanics), and who can program in some high-level language (e.g., C, Java, Matlab, R, Python, etc.)    This course could be taken as a natural follow-on to Dave Feldman’s “Dynamics and Chaos” course, though  Dave’s course is not a pre-requisite. 

Liz’s course will cover nonlinear dynamics and chaos through mathematical and computational approaches, and will teach you how to use mathematical and computational tools to understand chaotic systems.   Liz will also cover a number of important real-world applications of the tools you learn in this course, with an emphasis on analysis of time-series data.

Liz Bradley is an award-winning Professor of Computer Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and External Professor at the Santa Fe Institute, as well as serving on the SFI’s Science Board.  She is also a former US Olympic team rower.    For many years she has taught nonlinear dynamics to scientists and engineers at Boulder, as well as teaching an immensely popular mini-course on this topic at SFI’s Complex Systems Summer School.  Liz is excited to bring this topic to a Complexity Explorer MOOC. 

Liz will be assisted by TA Joshua Garland from CU Boulder, as well as her trusty cat Gabriel, who will oversee instruction of all feline-related dynamical systems in the course. 



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