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August Update

02 Aug 2016

Course Updates

It is finally here - our Introduction to Agent-based Modeling course with Bill Rand launched August 1st! The first unit is completely free and will give you a taste of what Agent-based modeling is and why people use it.  If you haven't enrolled, now's your chance to join!

Over 1300 students have enrolled and so far over 200 have paid the $50 tuition. A big thanks to all of you, and especially those of you who chose to pay more than $50, we're very appreciative of your generosity.  If we reach 500 paid students, we will have completely covered the costs of creating and running this new course.  

We have increased the number of scholarships from 100 to 150, and there are still a few available. If we reach 250 paid students, we will make another 25 scholarships available. Any 50 paid students on top of that will add another 25 scholarships, and so on.  If you are one of the lucky recipients of a scholarship, we ask that you consider joining our volunteer subtitle team and give back to our program in this way. See

This course promises to be engaging and hands on.  We are developing a peer project review system that should enhance the learning experience, and Bill Rand will be hosting office hours through Google Hangouts once a week. 

The course videos and the quizzes will be available for free once the course closes sometime in October.  

In other course news, Liz Bradley's excellent course on Nonlinear Dynamics: Mathematical and Computational Approaches is now open for enrollment. If you haven't taken her course yet, now's your chance! It opens on September 1st.  If you have taken her course before and enjoyed it, please do us a favor and help us spread the word.  Share the course link with someone you think would be interested.  

Dave Feldman's Introduction to Dynamical Systems and Chaos is humming along, and it is not too late to jump in and learn with the rest of the students.  Melanie's Introduction to Complexity will start in October.  She's been working on refreshing some of the interviews, so look out for those!


Computation Theory, Renormalization Methods, and Optimization Theory are all set to be filmed in August and September.  We hope to bring these all to you by the fall. 

Virtual Laboratory

The virtual laboratory in the Explore section of the website is going to be opening soon with the Fractals series of agent-based models and accompanying documentation.  Melanie Mitchell has been working hard to get these series together and we're sure you're going to love them and find them very useful. 


As always, we rely on our excellent volunteers to produce the subtitles that help our courses reach more non-native English speakers. As the Nonlinear Dynamics course starts up again, we ask those of you that have a little extra time to help us caption the videos.  Learn more about how to join our subtitling team here.  If you are already part of the team, come back and look up the videos that need subtitles.  For example, you can follow this link, when you are logged in to Amara, to find all of the Nonlinear Dynamics courses that have no English captions.



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