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October Update: Virtual Lab, Intro to Complexity, & More

03 Oct 2016

Course & Tutorial Updates

Melanie Mitchell's Introduction to Complexity is now live, so if you have been thinking of signing up, now is the perfect time!  Share the course with your network and encourage someone new to learn about complex systems today.

Introduction to Agent-based Modeling and Nonlinear Dynamics are both still in progress, and Introduction to Dynamical Systems and Chaos has now finished - the course materials are available under Archived Courses for those of you who want to learn at your own pace.   

We are still working to get new tutorials on Computation Theory and Renormalization Methods for you.  We will be filming new material soon as well, on Game Theory.  

Introducing the Virtual Laboratory

The Virtual Laboratory is now open!  The Virtual Laboratory consists of open-source simulation programs illustrating complex systems ideas, theories, and tools, accompanied by curricula designed for both teachers and independent learners. It is organized into topics, each of which contains a laboratory guide (in PDF format) and a series of simulation models written in the Netlogo language.  We have opened the first of these series, the Fractals Virtual Lab Series. Go investigate today, under the Explore tab.   

Subtitle Project News

It's been a great summer for subtitles.  Thank you to all of our hard-working subtitle volunteers! Two more t-shirts were sent out, to Andrew Medeiros in Canada and Steven Gunawan in Indonesia, for completing over 120 minutes of video. You can help us caption and subtitle videos by joining our team.

Last week we celebrated International Translation Day by participating in a Community Summit on Youtube Live hosted by Amara, the nonprofit that provides us with the platform we use to create our video subtitles.  Read about the status of our subtitle project and watch the community summit here. 

Seth Lloyd, Santa Fe Institute 2016 Ulam Lectures

Seth Lloyd was in Santa Fe recently to give a two lecture series for the community.  He is the instructor of our Information Theory tutorial, and a professor of mechanical engineering at MIT, a member of SFI’s Science Board and external faculty, and author of Programming the Universe: A Quantum Computer Scientist Takes on the Cosmos. His research focuses on the interplay of information with complex systems.  You can watch his lectures here, and you can read a bit more about this event on SFI's page here

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