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Spring 2018 Complexity Challenge: Solve a Classic SFI Problem for a Prize

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07 Mar 2018
Agent-Based Modeling Optimization Economics

By popular demand, we’re proud to announce our first open Complexity Challenge! This time around, anyone can apply to get a spot in the upcoming Challenge and tackle a real-world problem in complex systems. 

Our Challenges are designed to be as open as possible. As with any problem needing solving in the real world, our challenge questions can always be solved in many ways, and the most valuable solution may not come from the most obvious source. Participants with background in any field - from sociology to computer engineering - should be able to look at our upcoming challenge, see something they recognize, and come up with a brilliant solution.

Unlike other online competitions, the Complexity Explorer Challenges aren’t designed to solicit the right answer, but many right answers. It’s then up to the challenge participants themselves to decide the best solution through our unique peer review system. 

Want to know what the challenge question is? 

Here’s a hint: You’ll be solving an updated and upgraded version of a classic SFI problem. 

And did we mention there will be prizes? 

Still a little hesitant? Take a look at how our first pilot Challenge went in 2017 here and here.  The lucky few that got to take part loved it, and three of them are coming back to mentor you along the way. So apply now to gain access to the Challenges. And above all, as 2017 Challenge winner Mika Straka said, “Have fun!”

We’ll announce more details shortly, but for now - Apply here to guarantee yourself a spot! We’re only accepting 200 applicants on a first come, first serve basis. 



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