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Introduction to Open Science

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About the Tutorial:

This tutorial provides an introduction to Open Science. Open Science refers to a set of practices which can be used to make science more open, reproducible, transparent and inclusive. Students will get an overview of the different principles and practices that can be found under the umbrella term of Open Science. These practices can be found over the whole research cycle, from preregistration, to publishing (including preprints and open access), and including materials, data and code sharing.

About the Instructor(s):

Helena Miton

Complexity Postdoctoral Fellow

Omidyar Fellow, ASU-SFI Center Fellow


Helena Miton is a cognitive anthropologist and complexity postdoctoral fellow at the Santa Fe Institute. She investigates how culture is maintained through time and what determines the shapes traditions take. She holds her Ph.D. in cognitive science from Central European University and previously was a member of the Minds & Traditions research group at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History. Follow her on Twitter @HelenaMiton.

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  1. Introduction: Open Science, Definitions, and Contents
  2. Reproducibility, Replicability and Other Challenges in Science
  3. Pre-registration
  4. Open Methodology: Methods, Materials, and Code
  5. Open Data
  6. Publication Practices
  7. Conclusion